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It is known that the first primitive uses of thermal hot water heating systems, which are believed to be based on a long history on our planet, are based on 800 B.C. Although this idea is considered to be correct, the first thermal system collectors were patented by Clarence M. Kemp in 1891 and the production of the collectors was started.



In the 1900's, a handful of researchers, who believed that using natural energy resources for energy production could not been underestimated, have done a handful of preliminary studies of the use of natural energy sources, which is an intense use at every corner of our world today.Although solar energy is only used for water heating purposes in Turkey, solar energy is being used extensively in heating, cooling and industrial steam and heat production of buildings in Europe, which is especially low in solar radiation values compared to Turkey




It all started with Alexandre E. Becquerel's observation of a photon energy in the lab incidentally and theoretically explaining it for the first time.O dönem bilimsel çevrelerde cok da rağbet görmeyen bu gözlem, However,  with the theory of photon energy first introduced by Einstein, the idea of scientists has begun to change. As NASA entered cell and module production to meet satellites' energy needs, the Explorer's need to meet the energy needs of the space vehicle with photon energy in 1961 paved the way for interest in photon energy.


At the beginning, the expensive and low-efficiency cells / modules have been introduced to the service of mankind as an energy source. As the technology develops year by year, solar modules become more efficient and cheaper as a result of the recent R&D studies.
Using fossil energy sources has become a serious threat to the earth, especially oil companies who consume fossil energy resources irresponsibly with their own profit ambitions, and nuclear energy as well as many incidents in the earth, making it necessary to turn the face of humanity into natural energy sources. 
Let's work together for a better world…
SMS Energy has been working in the solar energy sector in Turkey since 2012 with the theoretical and practical accumulation of both thermal and photovoltaic systems in Austria and the vast experience of the companies in which Turkey distributors are taken. Our aim is to tell insistenly everyone that "everyone should turn their faces to the Sun"...Our goal is to be able to tell that solar energy sources are an endless source of energy that does not harm nature, but to show them personally, not just to tell them, but to leave a viable nature for future generations by preventing our country from having Solar Collector or Module garbage in the future in the light of experience we have for many years.
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