Electrolimunenz Measurement Device

Electrolimunenz Measuring Devices are one of the "indispensable" measuring devices of Photovoltaic Module manufacturers.









The presence of capillary cataracts on the cells which will affect the future efficiencies of the modules in large quantities on the cells forming the modules during the production or transport of the modules reaching to user by way of long roads can only be determined by "Electrolimunenz" -EL- measuring devices.It is not possible to detect such faults with current-voltage or Infrared Thermal Cameras.With this method, electrons are made to flow in the opposite direction of the module / cell to make visible cracks on the cell / module.Module manufacturers and system builders in order to ensure long-term warranty processes, such errors on the cells must be detected at the beginning of the business.


   Photo of a stepped panel                                                      Photo of stepped panel with “EL”


Especially in an environment where cell and module manufacturers compete with each other and this competition is inevitably achieved by subtracting the qualities of the cells / modules, the EL measuring device has gained a vital importance for manufacturers and system builders.Not only the manufacturer and system builder companies but also the official / private sector technical specifications that want to install the system, make sure that the modules have to be measured with the EL device and that the systems they have built are long-lasting, it is indisputable that they will be saved from loss of time / money.



Whether the photovoltaic sector is developing in our country and whether or not sufficient experience has been gained due to this, we do not want the sector to become open to all the negativities.In such an environment, in order to prevent the investors and the financial resources from being wasted, it is important that the systems and components in the systems are passed through a very serious quality assurance control system.Even though EL measurement devices are very expensive devices, Buchanan and SMS Energy cooperated with experts in this field and developed the devices and programs of these devices for manufacturers and system builders for the first time in Turkey.

We can collect “EL” devices under two general headings;

1-) EL Measuring Instruments for Module Manufacturers

            a-) Cell Check-Up


                                      Image of Cell Check-Up EL Device


            b-) Control of modules produced on the production line.


EL Module Devices


            c-) EL Measurement Devices fot System Builders (Open Field-Portable)


                                               Portable EL Module Device


With the use of measuring devices compiled under both headings, the indoor / outdoor measurements of the cells and modules can be performed;

-          Capturing professional, high quality photos

-          By analyzing the captured photographs, you can record all the shootings and comments as a minute, by detecting the cracks that may arise in the future, measuring the crack sizes, comparing the cracked areas with the normal areas.

-          If the investors demand, our company can present the EL photographs of the desired number of modules to the investors / system builders as an expert, in the field of direct installation, in a report.




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